The Community for Veterans

Welcome Home, Inc., the Columbia Housing Authority, and the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital have formed a partnership to create a community for Veterans in Columbia, Missouri to provide housing and supportive services to U.S. Military Veterans.

The Columbia Housing Authority is building Patriot Place Apartments which will consist of twenty-five one-bedroom apartments that will be available for veterans who are eligible to receive partially subsidized housing under the Housing and Urban Development- Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUDVASH) program. This new building will also contain a fitness room, computer lab, and laundry facilities. The facility will also contain an office and will be built with energy efficient utilities and appliances with utility services provided free to veterans.

The campus for veterans will also allow Welcome Home, Inc. to expand upon its current capacity of ten temporary shelter beds for twenty-nine beds. Also, the new shelter site will allow for female Veterans and Veterans with families to receive transitional housing with separation from the remaining residents. The current Welcome Home site is not adequately arranged to house female Veterans or Veterans with families.

In addition to the additional beds, the community for veterans will contain a new Supportive Services Center that will allow Welcome Home staff and the VA Hospital to provide services and clinical support on site. The supportive services center will include programming space, a commercial kitchen, dining room, lounge area, computer lab, laundry facilities, and a patio.